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Fedde Le Grand has put his spin on the King of Pop. The producer/DJ (and Michael Jackson fan) has remixed Michael's "Love Never Felt So Good" off of MJ's recent Xscape album.

Fedde tells us that he was more than thrilled at the opportunity. He says, "At first I was, of course, flattered and then kind of shocked to be honest. I knew they were working on something, but I didn't know what. It was all very, very [secretive]." He went on to say, "I was super happy, but at second thought, it kind of scared me at the same time because, I mean, me being a Michael fan, in general, you just don't touch Michael, you leave it as is. There's not much to improve, to be really honest."

"Love Never Felt So Good" is a great song on its own, but Fedde's remix opens the door for even the youngest of fans, who may not have really grown up with Michael's music. Fedde explains, "I think there is a bit of a generation gap. That kind of maybe decide to do it anyway, even though I knew for the real Michael fans, you know, I just can't add anything. And that's what I try to do, bridge that gap. That's what I say in the video, bridge that gap between, the young generation, but still kind of keep the core values of the song."

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Fedde recently explained that "Thriller" was one of the first records he ever bought. And although he tells us he can't recreate the famous dance moves from the video - or moonwalk for that matter - as an MJ fan, we asked him to talk about his top three Michael Jackson hits. Find out his favorites below!

1. "Billie Jean"

I mean, I think number one has to be, even though it might be a bit obvious, but I think it has to be "Billy Jean." It's just such an iconic record. You know, even like the drum beats are iconic. So I think that's got to be my number one.

2. "Bad"

That was the first concert I ever went to as a kid. It was really impressive being that young and seeing the whole show and everything. I remember being a kind, you know, it was kind of like always a big deal when Michael came out with a new track. Because he always had like this extended video clip - especially for "Bad" and "Thriller." "Bad," you know I think now I like it, because then, he proved once again that he was on top of his game.

3. "Thriller"

I was so young, so I actually got nightmares from the video tape. It was super scary, and my parents made me stay up late and everything to watch it -  which was pretty cool.

I think I pretty much like everything from him. Especially the early work, is just, you it's just absolutely amazing. My parents listened to like James Brown and Bootsy Collins and all that stuff, so, and I think Michael being influenced by James Brown so much, even though he did pop music, he always had that kind of funky element, which "Bad" and "Thriller" had. 

Check out Fedde's remix of "Love Never Felt So Good" below:

The Michael Jackson remix isn't the only thing up Fedde's sleeve these days. He has a brand new single called "You've Got This," and explains that he's also re-visiting "Don't Give Up" with a top secret vocal.

"Before the Michael [remix], I did a record called, 'Don't Give Up,' which we released as an instrumental and we're going to re-release it and - which is kind of exciting, I can't tell everything about it - but we just got word that quite an interesting artist will do the top line!"

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