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Gas price peak coming

Gas price peak coming
Posted March 20th, 2014 @ 5:00pm by WTVN Newsroom

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Gas prices are nearing their peak for the year, according to experts.

"We are well on our way towards what we expect to be the eventual peak price in Ohio which will likely be in the upper $3 echelon," said Patrick DeHaan with

Picking when that peak will be isn't an easy thing to do. Prices have peaked in the last several year anywhere from February to June, according to AAA Ohio's Kimberly Schwind.

"Last year gas prices actually peaked at $3.95 a gallon on average in Ohio and that was on June 7th," said Schwind.

She says prices are trending lower than last year already. Today's average in Ohio is $3.59 and a year ago it was $3.81.

Schwind says one factor for the lower prices is more gasoline coming up from the Gulf Coast to help offset gas not being received from Midwestern refineries that are down for maintenance.

While it's not likely that we'll see prices drop below $3 until the fall at the earliest, it's also not likely to see $4 gas this summer.

"The odds will be for prices to peak well below $4 a gallon across the state of Ohio," said DeHaan.

Of course, all the predictions could go out the window if there's a major political upheaval or other major world event.

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