CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (WTVN) -- A landlord is frustrated because he believes his property is being used by tenants as a drug house. He's put a sign on the building asking anyone who sees drug activity to call police along with the phone number.

"They're blatantly doing drug deals out of the property. Also running prostitution," said Mike McCoy.

He says the man he's renting to was a convicted felon but had gone through a rehab program, so he trusted him. For two years things have been fine.

"Probably two weeks ago or three weeks ago, they decided that they were going to get back into the drug business," he said.

Another landlord alerted McCoy to the drug problem. He sat in his vehicle just down the street and within a half-hour saw a drug deal happen and a constant stream of people he described as drug-users going in and out of the house.

"If I can determine that, certainly the police can determine that," he said.

McCoy says he posted a 24-hour notice on the door that he would be inspecting the property. When he went inside, he found spoons for cooking heroin and needles for injecting it. He notified Chillicothe Police but was told there was nothing they could do without a warrant or probable cause.

Chillicothe Police spokesman Bud Lytle says they are aware of the situation, but he wouldn't discuss whether there is an active investigation going on.

"As much as anything, that's for the safety of our narcotics detectives and the people conducting the investigation," Lytle said, noting that these investigations take time.

He did say they have been to the property before. Lytle wasn't aware of any drug tips that have come in as a result of the sign on the building.

McCoy wants to see something happen.

"It's just very frustrating to see drug deals being done right out on the street in broad daylight and nothing being done," he said.

He's thinking about putting up a Web site where users can watch streaming video to see the drug activity for themselves. He may also post still photos of vehicles coming and going from the property.

Most frustrating to McCoy is the fact that it seems like the laws are on the side of the criminals.

"The criminals are fully protected and the public is not protected at all," he said. "It's just ridiculous."