LANCASTER, Ohio (WTVN) -- A holding tank at the Anchor Hocking plant in Lancaster ruptured Tuesday afternoon, sending molten glass flowing through the plant's basement. 

It took firefighters about an hour to contain the situation.

Lancaster Fire Capt. Brian Archer says the plant will have to be shut down until Monday to allow crews time to clean up the glass. Our news partners, ABC6, report that about 100 tons of molten glass leaked from the tank.

"They're going to maintain that and cool that tank down right now. When that glass cools off enough so they can get in there, fix the tank, repair the tank, and then open it back up, they'll re-heat it back up and get into production," he said.

There were no reports of injuries.

A similar tank rupture at the plant in January caused about $3 million in damage.

This latest incident comes a day after the plant was re-opened following a temporary shut down. The union that represents the workers at the plant recently voted to accept concessions in order to stave off a possible permanent shut down by Anchor Hocking's owners which are dealing with financial issues.