STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTVN) -- Four people have been indicted by the special grand jury investigating the Steubenville rape case, including Steubenville City Schools Superintendent Michael McVey.

McVey was charged with tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice and falsification.  If convicted on all counts, McVey could serve up to five years and 270 days in prison.

Lynnett Gorman, an elementary school principal, is charged with failure to report child abuse. The grand jury also indicted Seth Fluharty, the wrestling coach at Steubenville High School, with failure to report child abuse. Both charges are misdemeanors and carry a possible jail term of 30 days.

Matthew Belardine, a volunteer strength coach for the football team, faces charges of allowing underage drinking, obstructing official business, falsification, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Belardine could serve up to one year and 265 days in jail if convicted. The party where the rape took place happened at his home in August 2012. Photos and videos of the incident made their way onto social media and attracted national attention.

"How do you hold kids accountable if you don't hold the adults accountable," said Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine during a Monday morning news conference to announce the new indictments.

DeWine said that the community has been ripped apart by the actions of a few people. He's pleased that the grand jury has taken action to hold those people accountable.

"Barring any newly discovered evidence, I believe that the grand jury's work is done," he said.

These four indictments follow two other adults who were indicted last month. William Rhinaman, the Steubenville Schools information technology director, pleaded not guilty to charges that he altered, destroyed, or removed information about the investigation. His 20-year old daughter Hannah was also indicted, but the charges are said to not be related to the rape case. She was found to have stolen equipment from the schools and sold it.

In March, Steubenville High School football players Ma'lik Richmond and Trenton Mays were convicted of the rape. Richmond was sentenced to a minimum of one year in a juvenile correctional facility. Mays got two years.

DeWine said that the issues in Steubenville are not limited to that community. He says the same issues happen in cities and towns all across the country.