ATHENS, Ohio (WTVN) -- No charges will be filed in the case of an online video of people engaged in a public sex act in Athens.

"Neither of them had knowledge of it being video recorded," said Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn.

The October 13 incident went viral online and drew comments from around the country and the world.

Blackburn says investigators found that the woman did not seem to be in distress at all during the incident.

"She had a smile on her face at one time and grabbed the back of the male's head at another time," Blackburn said.

As a crowd grew around the couple outside a Chase Bank on Court Street, Blackburn says the man is heard asking the girl if they should stop.

"Both the suspect in this case and the witness reported that that conversation took place and she said 'no, go ahead and continue,'" said Blackburn.

Someone in the crowd ended up punching the man in the face, apparently upset by what was happening in public. Blackburn says their investigation found that the couple grabbed some burritos and headed back to the man's apartment. They were there for about three hours before going to a gas station. The man eventually walked the girl home.

Blackburn says the girl has no memory of the events. She filed a police report the next day after hearing from a roommate and seeing photos and videos of the incident online. She claimed the sex acts were not consensual.

Tests on the girl came back negative for drugs and Blackburn says there was no chance for the man to slip drugs into any of her drinks that night.

"We are all living in a society in which everything we do, every time we act, has the ability to be recorded. We probably all need to behave more as if our father or mother were standing over our shoulder every time we engage in activity," he said.

The grand jury did not find evidence to support any charges.