COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Ohio Right to Life has launched a communications campaign to highlight Ohio's more than 600 free and low-cost health care providers. It's an effort to let women know that there are more options than just Planned Parenthood.

"I don't think that many women know that they can go somewhere else," said Ohio Right to Life spokesperson Laura Beth Kirsop.

Planned Parenthood has often been a lightning rod of opposition from pro-life groups because of their offering of abortion services. While tax dollars are not used to pay for those services, they are spent with the group for other things.

"Women don't need Planned Parenthood, but Planned Parenthood needs women to remain open to continue operating," Kirsop said.

The campaign highlights Community Health Centers, Community Action Agencies, free clinics, local health departments, and hospitals. There are also 125 pregnancy help centers across Ohio.

But while the numbers may sound impressive, the details are not, according to Kellie Copeland with NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.

"They didn't bother to do their homework to determine whether or not they provide the services that they claim they provide," said Copeland. "I suppose because it doesn't fit with their narrative."

Copeland claims that only a fraction of the facilities listed by Ohio Right to Life actually do what they claim to do. She calls the campaign a "political witch-hunt."

"It's not fair that politics are playing a role in the type of health care that people can access," she said.

She also argues that if Planned Parenthood's clinics in Ohio were shut down, there's no guarantee that these other clinics and facilities would be able or willing to take on all the new clients.

"Planned Parenthood is one of the longest serving and most respected providers of reproductive health care in this country," Copeland said.