COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) --Ohio's unemployment rate hasn't been this low in seven years.

The Department of Job and Family Services reported Friday that May's seasonally-adjusted rate was 5.5 percent, down from 5.7. in April.

According to ODJFS, the state added 2,900 jobs in May. Gains were seen in the manufacturing, professional and business services sectors.

The construction and leisure and hospitality sectors lost jobs.

ODJFS spokesman Ben Johnson notes that since the surveys don't ask why people stopped looking for work, it's hard to say exactly what it is about Ohio's labor force that's changing.

"Year over year, Ohio's labor force participation rate has been decreasing for about the past 10 years.  And while it's receiving more attention during the recession, it is not a new trend", said Johnson.

Ohio's rate remains below the national rate, which was 6.3 percent in April and May.