COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Wendy's has unveiled its new flagship restaurant in Dublin, across from their Corporate Headquarters on Dublin-Granville Road.

Denny Lynch, Senior Vice-President of Communications for Wendy's, says it features a special community room with memorabilia marking the history of both the company and central Ohio.

Much of the momorabilia comes from founder Dave Thomas, like the torch he carried during a leg of the Olympic relay in 1996. Artifacts from the origin of the restaurant are also on display.

Lynch notes, "You'll see a lot of the memorabilia that was down at the original restaurant, at 257 East Broad Street."

In terms of modern conveniences, Lynch points out the fireplace with seating around it, a wi-fi lounge, and digital televisions for the menus behind the counter.

The company also brought in a sculptor to desing a life-size statue of Dave Thomas, which greets visitors at the patio.

The restaurant opened for business on Tuesday.

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