McCONNELSVILLE, Ohio (WTVN) -- Several of the state's school districts have calamity days piling up like the heaps of snow in their parking lots. One district is rural southeastern Ohio is using Saturdays to make up the missed days.

"So far they've been successful," said Morgan Local Schools Superintendent Lori Snyder-Lowe.

She claims that students and parents prefer Saturdays over extending the school year to make up days.

"We run into problems with family vacations and students that have jobs in the summer," said Snyder-Lowe.

The Saturday make-up days have been part of the district's contingency plan for 8 years. The school board schedules them before each school year so parents will know when they might pop up if needed. 

Morgan Local Schools have used 12 calamity days so far this winter and Snyder-Lowe worries they may add to that before spring arrives. The first Saturday make up day was supposed to be this past Saturday, but ironically it was called off due to snow.

The school district serves all of Morgan County. Buses have to travel on township and county-maintained roads that can often be very slick and snow covered.

"Some of them are one-lane, a lot of them a gravel roads. They don't get a lot of sunlight so they don't melt off easily," she said.

Another factor in going on Saturday versus the end of the year is upcoming state testing. Snyder-Lowe says the Saturday classes allow teachers to spend more time working with students. 

Kirk Hamilton, executive director of the Buckeye Association of School Administrators says he's unaware of any other school district in Ohio using Saturdays to make up calamity days.