PLAIN CITY, Ohio (WTVN) -- Three people, including a young child in a car seat, were rescued from an island in Little Darby Creek Friday after their canoe capsized.

Rescue crews were called to the 7900 block of Plain City-Georgesville Rd around 11:30 a.m.

"They caught a tree that was actually under the water because the level of the water was up," said Pleasant Valley Fire District Chief Mark Kidd. "It actually flipped them out of the canoe and took the canoe on down the river. Luckily they were wearing some life jackets."

The victims were able to make it to an island where they waited for rescue.

Water levels are higher than normal due to recent rains and Kidd says that should be a sign to stay off the water.

"Even an experienced canoer, let alone just a novice, is going to have some difficulties," Kidd said.

Kidd says all three were checked out by medics at the scene, but expected to be fine.

(Photo courtesy ABC6)