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MUST SEE: Thomas Davis Shows Off Gruesome Injury

Panthers LB Thomas Davis broke his forearm in the NFC Championship game two week ago.  Davis played in the Super Bowl last night and showed off what his arm looked like in order for him to...
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Skipping THIS Will Make Your Sex Life So Much Better

Spending the entire night having an extended session of sexy time is amazing. But sometimes there just isn’t time for all that. Sometimes a quickie is all your schedule allows. Now, with...
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WATCH: Dogs Wiping Their Paws On Doormats

I wish my dogs were as smart as these pups that wipe their own paws! 
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WATCH: Peyton Manning Kisses Papa John After Super Bowl Win

After winning Super Bowl 50 in what might be his last game, the first kiss he got was not from his wife, but from Papa John. Weird. 
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WATCH: Angry Grandfather Smashes TV After Panthers Lose Super Bowl

The Panthers lost to the Broncos and the 'Angry Grandfather' couldn't handle it. 
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WATCH: Dog Riding A Scooter Carrying A Man's Umbrella

Just a dog riding on the back of a scooter, carrying man's umbrella. So. Weird. 
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WATCH: Family Rescued From Their Car That Was By A Sinkhole

Dramatic video from Peru shows a family being rescued from a sinkhole that swallowed their car! 
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MUST SEE: Man Shames Bad Parkers With Bumper Sticker

This is something we've all wanted to do. A bro is going around putting "Don't Park Like A-Hole" bumper stickers on cars. This guy is a hero.  “If people park like a–holes,...
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Beyonce sure had a  busy weekend Super Bowl 2015  half-time show recap Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale  welcome baby boy Elle King is  engaged "The Good...
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WATCH: Mom vs Triplets + Toddler

This super mom gets a workout while putting onesie pajamas on her eight-month-old triplets and two-year-old toddler.
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