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Cavs Crush Hawks In Game Two

The Cavaliers broke the NBA record for threes made in a game as they worked over the Hawks, 123-98, in Game Two of the Eastern Conference semifinals at Quicken Loans Arena. Cleveland hit 25 from...
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Woman Cries After Getting Spray Tanned, Streaks Won't Come Off

A woman cried after getting a spray tan and now the streaks won't come off!!!  A woman cried after getting a spray tan and now her tear stains 'won't come off' 😂😂...
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Teen Takes His Mom to the Prom for the Sweetest Reason Ever

Melissa   Roshan Potter  just attended her very first prom ,  thanks to   her sixteen year old  son  ...
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Couple Adopts An Orphan Girl...Then They Learn Her Secret Identity

The world works in very mysterious ways. 
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Young Girl’s Dog Detects A Diabetic Scare From Miles Away

Such an amazing story! 
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WATCH: Biker taunts cop and gets hit in the face by karma & the road

When a biker taunted a police officer, karma stuck him in the face. 
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MUST SEE: Jilted Lover Finds Out Her Man Is Cheating And Gives His $130,000 Range Rover A Nice Little Makeover

You know what’s worse than getting cheated on? Getting cheated on and having to pay to get the bright-red spray paint removed on your exes $130,000 Range Rover. The ol’ double...
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MUST SEE: A Cleveland Indians Fan's Selfie Has Gone Viral Because It's Awesome!

A selfie from a Cleveland Indians fan posted on  Reddit  has gone viral and for good reason. It's awesome!  For real! A scoreboard selfie! It doesn't get better than...
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WATCH: A Goose Makes A Nest In Our Parking Lot

Admittedly, we do not have the best view from our studio window. So when we noticed a goose making a nest, we couldn't help but be excited! 
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MUST SEE: This Dude Recreated Met Gala Fashion with Household Items

Give it up for Joao Paulo! He recreated some of the Met Gala wardrobes with household items and the results are epic!  Look: Apresentar trabalho de escola...
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