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Hated pharm mogul Martin Shkreli calls lawmakers 'imbeciles.'

The most hated man in America may now be even more hated. Former drug executive Martin Shkreli smirked and failed to answer questions Thursday when he appeared at a congressional hearing...
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WATCH: Father Helps His Wheelchair Bound Son Shred Some Ramps

A father posted this on his youtube page and the feel good video has gone viral.  Atti has cerebral palsy and doesn't talk much. This was his first day at the skate park and it broke him...
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80% of Kids Under 10 Got This Logic Question Right. Adults Cannot Figure It Out

80% of kids under 10 got this logic question correct. Most adults cannot figure it out.  So which way is the bus going? 
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MUST SEE: A College Student Was Asked To Leave A Gym Because of THIS Outfit

Grace DiChristina is a student at the University of Santa Clara. She recently tried to work out at the University's gym but was asked to leave because her outfit was too sexual. REALLY?!? ...
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Susan Sarandon and Piers Morgan are in a twitter war  about her boobs Stars mourn the tragic  death  of BMX legend, Dave Mirra Caitlyn Jenner can add another award to her...
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Stuff an Adult Woman Should Never Have in Her Home

You probably don’t wear T-shirts and leggings to the office or drink a can of beer at cocktail hour anymore. But you’re still living like a college student in some ways. Not sure...
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Top Ten Names of Guys Who Attend Super Bowl Parties and Pretend to Like Football

According to a poll, here are the “Top Ten Names of Guys Who Attend Super Bowl Parties and Pretend to Like Football” Sebastian Pierce...
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WATCH: Saudi man's epic hoverboard fail

The hoverboard craze has spread to Saudi Arabia where uncoordinated folks are having as much success with them as they are here in the U.S.
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WATCH: Maid of Honor Parodies "Ice Ice Baby" During Sister's Wedding

This is amazing! Rachel Winterbottom rapped her maid of honor speech to Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby". 
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WATCH: NFL Players Style Their Daughter's Hair

In order to promote their “Strong Is Beautiful” campaign, Pantene got some big, strong, tough NFL players to style their daughters’ hair.   Benjamin Watson of the...
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