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WATCH: Kid Laughs Hysterically In Music Class

A kid loses it during music class and you can't help but join in.
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WATCH: Another Car Ride with Motoki

Motoki takes a ride around town, with his extremely uninterested mom, and jams out to the most popular songs on the radio today.
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WATCH: Animals Dealing With The Cone of Shame

Cats and dogs...feeling the shame, and making us laugh.
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Big Bird Sings DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime”

YouTuber Mylo the Cat (aka Adam Schleichkorn) gives us a mashup of Sesame Street with “Summertime” starring Big Bird as The Fresh Prince, Snuffy as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Zoe as the unnamed...
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The internet is awash with rumors Ed Sheeran recently and secretly married his girlfriend. Rumors started after a photo of the "Thinking Out Loud" singer wearing a ring on his wedding finger was...
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Woman Posed In A Wedding Dress That's Up For Sale...Watch When She Turns To The Camera

Pay close attention to the front of her skirt.
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She Twists Her Hair and Wraps It In Socks...The Final Product is Amazing!

This is SO EASY! I'm never using expensive products and tools again!
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MUST SEE: Mom Writes Poem About Kids Growing Up That Has The Internet In Tears

Take a moment to read this poem, it's truly beautiful.  
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WATCH: Man Approaches Cop During A Traffic Stop With An Unbelieveable Request.

A routine traffic stop suddenly took an unimaginable turn when the man the cop pulled over approached him with a shocking request.
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What One Woman Was Wearing Caused Steve Harvey To Run Off Stage

When Steve Harvey saw what this woman was wearing, he walked straight off the stage.
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