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Hospital Accuses Mom Of Giving Birth To Baby High On Meth Due To Their Own Mix-Up

This is horrifying!!! Baby was diagnosed with  Methamphetamine Or “Crystal Meth,” in his system!  The nurse claimed that a urine test showed as positive and they...
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New Cockroach Pool Inflatable Is Terrifying The Internet

Imagine finding a six-foot cockroach floating in your pool.  NO. It’s called the Kangaroo’s  Gigantic Cockroach Raft , and it’s perfect for people who like to...
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16-Year-Old Helps Invent Stroller-Wheelchair So Disabled Mom Can Wheel Her Baby Outside

Sharina Jones lost the use of her legs when she was 5-years-old after being shot. Flash forward thirty years later, she began to wonder how she would manage a stroller while in a wheelchair....
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Dad Teaches Rude Son A Lesson For Slamming His Bedroom Door

This is hilarious!  Some parents choose to ground their kids, while others assign more chores or take away material possessions. This teen got more than he bargained for after slamming...
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Toddler With Down Syndrome Steals Wedding Guests’ Hearts When He Walks Down The Aisle

Meet Braden. He was born with Down syndrome, but he will not set him back. This video below shows Branden not letting his disability get the best of him as he powers through in...
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Meet Thor, The Bengal Cat With Purrfectly Beautiful Fur

Meet Thor, the Bengal cat that is taking the internet by storm and melting hearts across the world. This four-legged fur ball is the cutest cat we've ever seen. Even if you hate cats, you can't...
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Mom Catches 2-Year-Old Belting Her ABC’s In The Most Dramatic Way Possible!

Violet recently learned ABC’s, and she loves it! Christina, her mother, uploaded the adorable video of her saying her ABCs in the cutest way possible, and since it's gone viral....
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Our Co-Worker left this note on the vending machine. Jerk.

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The MTV Video Music Awards took over New York's Madison Square Garden last night and just like every year, it’s bound to have people talking. This year’s big winner was...
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Father Of Two Kids Walks From Mexico To The US Every Day So They Can Go To A Good School

Meet father Jose Luis Dominguez. He currently has two kids who are 7-year-old Luis and 8-year-old Kayla. In order to get to school, they don't take a bus and dad does not drive them....
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