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WATCH: Adele Forgot The Words To Her Own Song And Her Reaction Was Awesome

Adele forgot the words to her own song and her reaction was PERFECT!  Adele forgot the lyrics to her song and this was her reaction. 😂 — Pop...
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FEEL GOOD: Paralysed Father Walks His Daughter Down The Aisle Thanks To Bionic Suit

Chris Palmer, who is paralysed due to an aggressive form of cancer, walked his daughter down the aisle thanks to a bionic suit. 
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WATCH: The Most Epic Water Battle Flip You'll Ever See

This guy just became a legend! 
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Dustin Diamond has been arrested in Ozaukee, Wisconsin on a probation hold, according to the Ozaukee County Jail. Diamond was sentenced to four months in jail for stabbing a man during a...
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WATCH: Drunk Guy Tried To Fight His Own Reflection At A Grocery Store

You know you've had too much to drink when you try to fight your own reflection at a grocery store. 
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Father Attacks Teenage Girls That Were Bullying His Daughter

What do you do if girls at school are threatening to beat you up? Send the big guns in of course! The big guns at Lithonia High School in Georgia? Dad  Michael Zellars,...
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Video Cuteness: Baby Is NOT Amused By Daddy

A new dad tries his best to make his baby giggle, but she's not having it.
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Video Cuteness: Meet This Year’s Youngest Spelling Bee Competitor

At only six-years-old this kid is competing in the National Spelling Bee.
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Video Cuteness: Cute Little Toddler Can't Find His Fork

This toddler can't find his fork...even though it's in his hand.
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WATCH: How To Make The Ultimate Burger

Are you ready to get your Memorial Day meatfest on? Suzelle is here to help.
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