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WATCH: Husband Proposes To Wife With The Ring She Lost 15 Years Ago

The description from YouTube can do this awesome video more justice than I could ever do.  About 15 years ago my mom lost a very important piece of jewelry, her wedding ring. We searched...
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WATCH: Mother's and Babies Pull Off The Best Dance Routine

This is so cool. Mothers and their babies pulled off an amazing dance routine.  // *FLY* Line Dance (created by Meeshi Ravi) Holy matzo ball soup...what an A-MA-ZING...
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Video Cuteness: Dog Tucks Baby Into Bed

So cute. 
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WATCH: Dog Plays With Shark In Shallow Water

Here's something you don't see everyday, a dog playing with a shark in shallow water. 
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WATCH: The WORST Contestant In Family Feud History

We've seen a lot of bad contestants on Family Feud but this woman is the worst of the worst.  // Oh mother... | Family Feud Steve called this jaw dropping moment from...
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WATCH: The Happiest Baby Orangutan You'll Ever See.

Just watch this baby orangutan...and be happy.
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WATCH: Pole Dancing Is Painful

A hostess on a European TV show finds out the hard way that pole dancing is more painful than it looks.
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Kanye West thinks Bill Cosby is  innocent Aubrey O'Day and Pauly D  are an item Khloe Kardashian is on  OK Cupid Gwen Stefani reveals track list  and possible...
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Instant Karma: Road Rage

Karma will get you when you least expect it, and it's safe to say it was this BMW's time.
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Video Cuteness: Dog Searches For Snowball

Meet Max, the German Shepherd. He can't figure out why his snowballs his human throws seem to keep magically disappearing.
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