A British woman is getting a lot of attention recently after claiming that getting a boob job has made her a better mother to her two-year-old son. Yup, she thinks increasing her breast size from a 32A to a 32G has made her a better mother.


19-year-old Tamsin Wade, who is basically a blonde bombshell who has a body that looks like she never carried a baby in it, claims her self-esteem was so low because of her tiny boobs that she refused to leave the house and that was hurting her son. She claims that one day she realized how her body issues were affecting her child, so she took out a loan and fixed the problem with porn star implants.


In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Tamsin explained, "After the surgery I felt so much better and immediately started joining mum and baby groups. He loves them and I love spending quality time with him. I feel comfortable to take him abroad now too as I won’t mind wearing skimpy clothes and bikinis. It’ll be great to go on holiday with him."


Oh, Tamsin ... If you wanted to get implants there's nothing wrong with that – it's your body and your decision. But, seriously, don't claim you did it to be a better mom for your son – that's ridiculous! Ask him how he feels about your 32G's when he's a teenager and all his buddies want to come over to see you in your skimpy clothes!