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Don't Play Tubs of Fun at a Carnival


Losing your life savings at a traveling carnival sounds like a plot out of a movie, but it happened in real life to a 30-year-old man named Harry Henry Gribbhom of Epsom, New Hampshire. His goal? To win an xBox Kinect (which costs just over $100).

Henry managed to lose $2,600 playing Tubs of Fun, the game where you toss a softball into a plastic bucket, which was his entire life savings.  He'd started out with $300, but then went home to get MORE money and come back to play some more.  He did get some consolation prizes after he complained to carnival management...namely $600 of his money back, along with a giant stuffed banana with dreadlocks and a rasta hat.

That giant stuffed banana with dreadlocks and a rasta hat apparently wasn't enough to salve Henry's wounded pride or pocketbook, and he's since gone to police with the complaint that the game is rigged. Police are currently investigating.

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