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Fat Problem Areas Caused by Hormones

Fat Problem Areas Caused by Hormones

According to Max Tomlinson, your hormones could be the culprit behind fat problem areas.  You know, the spots that fat deposits cling to no matter what you do.

Max says depending on the hormone, you might have back flab (low levels of the thyroid hormone), belly fat (soaring levels of the stress hormone, cortisol), or suffer from thunder thighs (culprit: oestrogen).

Most of the conditions can be helped by going to your doctor to tweak the specific hormone level. Others, like oestrogen, require a trip to your gyno, because as the active hormone it the pill, oestrogen not only can make you hang onto thunder thighs, it also means you have to eat less calories to maintain the same weight as before you got on the pill.  You can talk to your OBGYN to tweak the level of oestrogen.

Find out what other hormones can cause fat problem areas here.

(, Bingo wings? Thunder thighs? Shift your fat hotspots with the hormone diet, Angela Epstein, March 26, 2014)

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