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Guy Reports Car Stolen to Avoid Traffic Tickets


There aren't many excuses that'll get you out of those tickets that are the result of your car getting caught on camera doing things like rolling through red lights and speeding. Unless...your car was stolen, and it wasn't you driving.

Of course, if you're like Mario Hili, in Australia, using the "It wasn't car was stolen," excuse only works so many times. How many? Well, he got away with the first 20.

Apparently Mario would get the fine in the mail, then would report his car stolen. Surprisingly, no one put two and two together for 13 years. Finally, someone realized it was awfully fishy that Mario's car had been stolen so many times...and he was always the one to miraculously find it.

The last time Mario's car was "stolen", then "recovered", police dusted for fingerprints...and found only Mario's all over it. $2,500 in fines later, it looks as though Mario will keep his license. Hopefully karma doesn't catch up to him...if someone actually DOES steal his car, odds are the police might find it hard to believe.

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