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How to Booze Up Your Resume


Maybe you're already employed but looking for a better opportunity, or maybe you're unemployed. Regardless, you're looking for a new gig and you need to get prospective employers to notice you.

Why not send some beer?

Take a page out of this guy's book: Brennan Gleason, the guy who sent out a RESUME-ALE, which consisted of his resume printed on a four pack of home-berwed beer.

Think about it. Not only does it make you stand out, but it shows more than your creative side; it shows your capability to be strategic in marketing yourself (and the company in the future).

Granted, Brennan works as a graphic designer, so if you don't do graphic design, you may be hard pressed to come up with the same kind of nifty design (check it out here), but don't let that stop you. If you home brew, or know someone who does, hire yourself a graphic designer. That shows the kind of delegation skills and ability to get things done managers need...if you happen to be gunning for a gig in management.

(, Need a Job? Put Your Resume on Beer, Like This Guy, Rachel Tepper, June 26, 2014)


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