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Off Duty Cop Saves Guy who Crashed Into Gas Pump


How many people would have it in them to rescue someone from the car that just hit the gas pump they stood at, igniting a fire? Slammed into it hard enough to knock you down, in fact?

This guy (Jon Vescio) qualifies as a hero not because he went into the flames to do just that: rescue the guy who blacked out at the wheel before crashing into a gas pump, but this guy did it after his initial flight response kicked in and he ran from what he figured would soon be a massive fireball.

When you watch the video, you see his instinct prove right: seconds after he pulled the guy to safety, everything explodes.

This heroic off duty cop credits his training for the rescue. He said it made him realize he still had a chance to save the driver in the other car.

Kudos to this man. I wouldn't mind having many more people like him on this planet. 

(, Hero cop pulls blacked-out driver from his car just SECONDS before huge explosion after man slammed into gas pump, Ryan Gorman, June 12, 2014)


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