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Only Mutants Need Apply

Only Mutants Need Apply

Scientists want to find mutants in the human race; people they call "superhumans."

Do you have super stretchy skin? Find yourself hardly ever getting sick? Can you consciously dilate your pupils? (Actually, I can do that last one, but I think that qualifies more as "stupid human trick.")

Researchers can use people with rare traits like what I described above to help discover remedies and even cures for the unlucky others who suffer from diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Unfortunately, studies involving people with seemingly superhuman traits lack an adequate number of research subjects. Scientists then made a startling discovery when they realized that while helping out your fellow man gives a warm fuzzy, $10,000 gives you more of an incentive to be a guinea pig.

If you want to win the $10,000, you need to have a superhuman characteristic (more explantion on that here). If your mutant trait(s) best the other online submissions, you pocket the $10,000.

(, Are you SUPERHUMAN? Scientists want people with unusual traits to reveal themselves - and it could earn them $10,000, Emma Innes, February 3, 2014)

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