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Teen Boy Saves Girl from Getting Hit By Car


This kid suffered a broken pelvis and compressed spine, among other injuries, after he pushed his 17-year-old friend Ellie Fielder out of the way of an out of control truck...and he's still hardcore friendzoned.

Watching the video feels painful because you can tell how Kameron Howell-Meeker feels about Ellie, but when she says without him, she'd be dead, and because of that, "He's going to be my best friend for the rest of my life."

Then again, officials said had the 15-year-old Kameron been smaller than 6'3", he'd be dead now. Which of course means if Ellie had been hit, she wouldn't be alive to tell the tale.

Even in the friendzone with a broken pelvis and compressed spine, Kameron still has more of a chance with Ellie at some point than if she died, so he's got that going for him at least, which is nice.

(, Teen save friend from suspected drunken driver, gets hit instead, Erica Nochlin, May 15, 2014)


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