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Would You Fill Up w/1¢ Gas You Knew was a Mistake?

Would You Fill Up w/1¢ Gas You Knew was a Mistake?

A gas station outside of Chicago somehow had all their pumps glitch and set the price of gas at 1¢. Not surprisingly, word got out and massive lines formed to take advantage of it.

Police came to break up the giant line of cars waiting for fuel, which only reformed immediately. Cops figured out why when they saw the price of fuel at the pump, when they told the gas station attendant to shut the pumps down.

I bet that gas station attendant knew exactly what was going on, and may have actually been behind the pump "glitch," even though they said they had no idea what was going on. How can you not notice a massive line of cars that police subsequently come to disperse?

Apparently the 1¢ gas lasted two hours, and no one ever gave the heads up that something was off, which leads me to...would you fill up and drive off or would you let the gas station know something was up?

(, Would you fill up on gas for a PENNY per gallon? Police break up lines of traffic after station error sold fuel at $0.01 for two hours, February 11, 2014)

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