Lots Of People Are Donating To Help Girls See “Hidden Figures”


Teachers, community leaders, and even teens themselves are raising money through GoFundMe to get young girls to the movies to see “Hidden Figures,” the film that tells the story of three black women who helped NASA get a man into orbit and puts the spotlight on women of color.

One of the fundraisers is 13-year-old aspiring astronaut Taylor Richardson, who wants to help 100 girls get to see “Hidden Figures” at a theater in Jacksonville, Florida. She’s even trying to raise enough money with her GoFundMe campaign to get the girls snacks at the movies and a copy of the “Hidden Figures” book. And she’s done well - her goal was $2,600 and she’s already raised over $10,600!

And other teachers from around the country are also running GoFundMe campaigns to help their students see this important movie. Peter Modlin from Baltimore will take students from his elementary school since his campaign has raised $2,500 of his $1,000 goal.

If you want to help other teachers and community leaders raise money to take young people to see “Hidden Figures,” check out their GoFundMe campaigns:

Here’s one from an educator in the heart of Detroit, who wants to take a Field Trip to See “Hidden Figures.” Her

Here’s one that hopes to get young girls in Atlanta to see “Hidden Figures”- Girl Empowerment.

Source: Huffington Post


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