Obamas Donate White House Swing Set To Shelter


The swing set President Obama put in for daughters Sasha and Malia is no longer on the South Lawn. The White House says the Obamas have donated it to the Jobs Have Priority Shelter in southeast Washington D.C., so young kids staying there will be able to enjoy it.

Most families at the 28-apartment family shelter are headed by young African-American women and have two or three small children, according to their website. Many of the families also have at least one family member with a mental, developmental, or physical disability.

The President offered the swing set to Trump, whose son Barron is 10, but he declined the offer. In the past, presidents have altered the White House grounds to suit their recreational needs, or those of their kids. James Buchanan added the first greenhouse and Theodore Roosevelt added a tennis court. Gerald Ford put in an outdoor swimming pool and Bill Clinton installed a running track. No word yet on what the President-elect plans to do to personalize the space.

Source: WPTV


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