Quick Thinking Two-Year-Old Is Honored For Saving Her Drowning Little Sister

Thanks to her big sister Elena’s brave actions, little Araceli Betancourt is alive and well today. The 10-month-old girl fell into her family’s pool in Port St. Lucie, Florida, and two-and-a-half-year-old Elena jumped in after her, saving her from drowning.

Firefighters say the baby fell in after getting out in the backyard while their mother ran briefly out to her car. And even though the toddler can’t really swim herself, she put on a pool floatie and paddled to her sister, and then pulled Araceli out of the pool. After a neighbor did CPR, paramedics took over and the baby had to spend a night in the hospital on life support, but amazingly, she doesn’t have any long-term damage.

Big sister Elena was even honored by the St. Lucie County Fire Department for saving her baby sister and was reunited with the men who helped with the rescue. They say the 10-month old probably only survived because of how quickly her sister reacted.

Source: WPTV



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