Homeless Man Knows He Has Just Weeks To Live...So He Asks This Stranger To Take Care Of His Dog

Jenine-Lacette DShazer was out when she came across a homeless man sitting in the cold with a dog in his arms.  She decided to approach him and hear his story.  That's when she learned that the man, Clifford, was going to die.  

Clifford had become homeless in 2006 when he lost his job.  He had some operations on his heart and throat that left him incapable of working.  Clifford had rescued the dog, named Baby, from a cruel owner that used to beat her.  Together, they slept in the streets and kept each other warm.  They were best friends.  

After speaking with Jenine, Clifford couldn't help but ask her to grant his final wish.  That wish was to find Baby a new and loving home.  She agreed to help, but also set up a GoFundMe page to help get the man off the streets to live out his final days.  



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