Kid Nails Three Half-Court Shots


Asher Lucas has had a night that he’ll likely cherish for the rest of his life. He’s a “ball kid” for North Carolina State’s basketball team. And during home games, he and the other ball boys take part in a half-time shoot-around. But what he was able to do had the home crowd eating from the palm of his hand by the time that he was done.

During this shoot-around, Asher decided to try his hand at a half-court shot…and he nailed it. Some of the crowd took notice, and cheered appropriately. He grabbed a ball, and decided to get a running start and try it again…he nailed that one, too. This time, the crowd was noticeably louder. So, why not go for three? He did…and he did. SWISH. At that point the crowd was completely involved, and they loved every moment of it.

You can see the video of it on You Tube. To be fair, the dribbling and running start did have a fair amount of travelling going on, but it was still a glorious moment for the kid.

Source: CBS


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