Teens Survive Tornado By Holding On To Trees


When four teens were enjoying a walk on a trail in Barnwell State Park in South Carolina, they had no idea an EF-2 tornado was headed toward them. Abbie Weeks, Nathan Sizemore, Matthew and Bill Frye noticed tree limbs blowing and winds picking up, so they were running back to their cabins. But then the wind started pushing them so hard, the teens stopped running and grabbed onto a tree for safety.

Abbie, Bill, and Matthew locked arms and held onto a tree trunk while Nathan was holding onto a tree nearby. Matthew says the howling winds sounded just like a siren as they held on for their lives. Thankfully, the group was rescued by Matthew’s and Bill’s grandparents, who drove up in a truck where all the teens waited out the rest of the storm.

The group was safe, but they were stuck because knocked down trees and power lines blocked the road until later that night. Abbie says she’s glad they all walked away from this and learned a lesson from the experience. “Trust in God and remain calm and think clearly,” she says. “And hide in a ditch instead of behind a tree.”

Source: WRDW


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