Woman Was Too Fat For Disneyland Lost The Weight, And Is Now Hot!!!

Today, we celebrate the greatness of Christina Jordan. When she was 25, she went to Disneyland with her family. After waiting for two hours to get on a ride, she was told that she couldn’t get on because the seat belt wouldn’t fit around her. Then, as she exited, her hips couldn’t fit through the turnstile to get out, and they had to open the gate for her…almost like she was “cattle” or something.

Rather than sitting around, and being depressed…Christina decided to do something about it. Nine months later, she blew off half of her body weight, and nine years later she’s still down 134 pounds. If you check out her Instagram, you’ll also notice that she is extremely hot. Not like, dirty, nasty, filthy hot…more like girl-next-door, fit, you-might-have-a-shot hot.

Once she made the turn-around, she decided to become a nutritionist, and works through her own website now. The key for her was being healthy, rather than skinny. There are no details, however, on if she did anything about the stretch marks and loose skin, or if she kept it in parts as “battle scars” and reminders of triumph.

Source: BroBible



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