Kid Donates Toy Money To Classmate With Cancer

Jeffrey Holz really wanted a certain Lego set and he’s spent months saving up for it. With a $100 price tag, it was taking the eight-year-old a while to reach his goal. So the second-grader at Community Christian School in Bradenton, Florida saved money from his birthday, Christmas, and what he earned from chores to buy his dream toy.

And he was only $12 short of his goal earlier this month. But that’s when Jeffrey learned about a senior at his school who’s battling cancer, and he changed his mind about how he wanted to use his money. Richard Gallop was diagnosed with cancer in September and Jeffrey told his mom that cancer was more important than a Lego set and he decided to donate his money to him instead.

Richard and Jeffrey just met for the first time, but after a high-five, they’re becoming fast friends. Of course, the 17-year-old is happy his new buddy wants to help him out. "I was ecstatic, but confused at the same time," says Richard. "Because that's a big, big thing to do."

Source: Bay News 9



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