Mom Tells Her Daughter It's Time To Lose Her Pacifier...Then Ties It To A Bunch Of Colorful Balloons

When I was a kid I had this yellow blanket that I followed me EVERYWHERE.  I couldn't do anything without it.  One day my mom decided I was too old for it and it was time to say goodbye.  But she didn't give me a chance to say goodbye.  She just took it when I wasn't looking and it was gone.

I spent so much time looking for it.  I don't remember much from this age, but I remember being heartbroken to lose my blanket.  I can't help but wonder if things would have been easier to deal with if my mom tried something like this.

Cora's mom knew it was time for her daughter to get rid of her pacifier.  She came up with this plan to let Cora say goodbye to it in an adorable ceremony.  What do you think?



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