Coolest Teacher Ever Has Unique Secret Handshake For Each Student


A teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina has found a way to get his students excited for learning and to let them know how important they each are. Fifth-grade literacy teacher Barry White, Jr., might take a little longer to greet all of his students, but that’s because he has a personalized handshake with each of of them.

White teaches about 60 students a day and he’s got a unique handshake with about 40 of them so far. Some of the shy kids enjoy watching the greetings more than getting involved themselves. And because of this amazing teacher’s personalized handshakes, he says his classroom has become a happy, positive environment where everyone’s engaged and ready for what comes next.

"I'm giving them that sense of a personal, one-to-one moment," White explains. "They know I'm taking the time to make our day personal. They know I'm doing it because I care about them. Now, they're invested in the teacher."

Source: Inside Edition


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