Ottawa Couple Shares Secret To Being Married 78 Years


Having been married for 78 years, Margaret and Nelson Evoy know a few things about what it takes to stay together for the long haul. The Ottawa, Canada couple met when she was 13 and after dating for five years, they got married in 1938. And at a Valentine’s Day celebration, they were honored for being Canada’s longest married couple!

So what’s their secret to 78 years of wedded bliss? Margaret says she believes married people “have to show each other, pretty well daily, how much they care.” And Nelson says it helps that they rarely argued. His wife credits his patience for that.

“He was always very patient,” Margaret recalls. “Patient with the family. Very, very nice to all of us. A really good father. A good husband.” It probably also helps that he says he thanked her for every meal she ever made!

Source: CTV News


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