Autism Climbs Shows Kids Joy Of Climbing

Autism Climbs is a nonprofit that hosts workshops where people with autism and their families can learn basic climbing skills like buckling a harness and tying into a rope from volunteer certified guides and wall instructors. The group was created last year by Yisha Wagner and Katherine Weadley after seeing the benefits of climbing with their own kids on the autism spectrum.

"Climbing is a lot of fun," Wagner says. "It has a lot of therapeutic benefits. It's a mental challenge as well as strength building." And it lets them be part of a team, but the social interactions are easier than the pressure of being on a sports team, she says.

Weadley says climbing helps kids with autism with everything from gross motor skills and body planning to communication and learning that actions have consequences. The free events hosted by Autism Climbs have been so popular that the group is now applying for grants to offer regular classes, summer camps, and guided outdoor experiences.

Source: Daily Camera



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