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Angelina Jolie has spoken publicly for the first time about her split from Brad Pitt while promoting her film, "First They Killed My Father." During an interview with BBC News, she seemed emotional when asked about how her family is coping, answering “I don’t want to say very much about that, except to say it was a very difficult time and we are a family, and we will always be a family."

According to "Hollywood Life," Pitt was less than impressed with Angelina’s interview. According to a source, he doesn’t see her as the victim and is eager to hash out a custody agreement for the six children they share. 

The Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix rumor mill continues. Sources are now saying the duo, who co-starred in "Her" and "Mary Magdalene" are getting serious. 

“They are madly in love,” one insider says. “His friends are like, ‘Forget it, it is on.’” Another source says the couple were looking "cozy" on a recent flight. 

Mind you, this comes after news of their supposed romance first surfaced last month. At the time, a rep for Phoenix said the two "are and have been good friends for quite a long time.” No one has commented on these latest bout of gossip.

On last night's episode of "The Bachelor," we finally got our hometown dates. There were tears, there were protective dads and sisters, and of course, there was Raquel. Here's how the episode played out: 

  • First up was Raven, who brought Nick to her very small town of Hoxie, Arkansas. After riding around on an ATV, the couple run into a cop...who turns out to be Raven's brother, Weston. Nick and Raven then do some more outdoorsy things, like playing in the mud and making out in the mud. 
  • After presumably a long shower, the lovebirds meet Raven's family and it gets off to an emotional start. Raven's dad, Wesley, told his daughter he's officially cancer free. In case that wasn't Hallmark-movie worthy enough, Raven's dad says "I’m glad it will be me who walks you down the aisle." The rest of the family meet up is filled with Raven's family saying they're surprised they like Nick as much as they do. While Raven thinks she's worked up the nerve to tell Nick she loves him, she can only get out "something really special could come out of us.”
  • Next, Nick heads to Dallas to meet Rachel's family. Not that any of it matters because we already know she's the next Bachelorette. It turned out to be entertaining nevertheless because we got to see Nick at church and while we didn't get to meet Rachel's much talked about stern dad, we did get a lesson in how to not be a racist. Nick explained to Raven, "I’m not color blind. I know you’re black. But the reason I gave you the first impression rose was because of how easy we connected, my attraction to you physically, that you were just a very beautiful, impressive woman." There you go!
  • Rachel's mom, cousin, nephew, sister, and slightly off putting, and white, brother-in-law were all there to meet Nick....and make fun of him. Jokes aside, Constance does bring up that she's worried for Nick and Rachel considering the racial climate the country is in. Nick was able to convince Rachel's mom, Cathy, who ended up surprising Rachel with a glowing endorsement of Nick. It's a shame we already know these two won't end up together.
  • Up next, Corinne. Her hometown date involved, of course, spending insane amounts of money. Nick tried on $800 sweatpants and, somehow, thought the idea that Corinne was on a first name basis with all the salespeople was a good thing. For what it's worth, at leas when Nick watched her charge more than $3-thousand worth of stuff, he looked like he was going to pass out along with the rest of us. 
  • When it came time to meet Corinne's family, America finally got a good look at Raquel, who unfortunately did not make any of her supposedly life changing cheese pasta. It turned out Corinne's welcoming committee, which included her mom, dad, sister, and "nanny," were all a bit skeptical of the situation and clearly not as insane as Corinne. She doubles down though, tell her mom she's in love with Nick and if he chooses anyone but her, she's going to be "heartbroken."
  • Nick jetted off to Montreal to meet see Vanessa's home turf next. First, they go the school where she teaches and good God, she is beloved there. Vanessa, Nick, and the kids made a scrapbook of her "journey" on the show and while that's a bit ridiculous, it's nice to see Vanessa in her element. 
  • Vanessa's parents are divorced, so the meeting of the family happened in two parts. First up, Nick  met her mom and seemingly the rest of her inner circle. One of Vanessa's friends is the first to bring up the important question of which country they'll live in if they end up getting engaged. Probably not surprisingly, they say they don't know. Vanessa and her brother Patrick then had a lovely moment where he tells her she's "like the greatest person in my life, and you deserve an amazing person.” Meanwhile both Vanessa's mom and sister Melissa give her very lukewarm well wishes when it comes to a life with Nick. 
  • While the meeting of the mom's side was so-so, Nick's meeting with Vanessa's dad is even worse. He seems generally unimpressed with Nick and when he directly asks him if he asked all three family's for their blessing in getting engaged, Nick eventually has to say yes. Vanessa, completely forgetting what show she's on, is visibly upset. 
  • Nick leaves, or probably flees, Canada and headed to New York. But, as has been the theme this season, there's no rose ceremony. Instead, the show ends with Nick getting a knock on his door and opening it to find....his ex, and former Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman

Like him or not, Daniel Craig has been James Bond for a long, long time: 4,147 days to be exact. That number coves the period from the day each actor was announced as Bond until the day his successor was officially named. NME is reporting the actor now has the longest running streak as 007, behind only Roger Moore, who spent 5,118 days as Bond.

Considering Craig's future with the iconic franchise is unclear, there's a chance he could surpass Moore's record. Last we heard, the actor said he would "miss it terribly" if he gave up Bond. In order to beat Moore, he'll have to spend another two-and-a-half years. 

1. Roger Moore – 5,118 days2. Daniel Craig – 4,147 days3. Pierce Brosnan – 4,146 days4. Sean Connery – 3,049 days5. Timothy Dalton – 2,863 days6. George Lazenby – 875 days


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