The Navy Is Getting Super Lasers


It looks like the United States Navy is getting “frickin’ laser beams!” By 2018, it’s said that the tech will be in place to shoot down the enemy “Independence Day” style. The technology isn’t new, per se. Lasers were first used to blast a drone 43 years ago by the Department of Defense.

It wasn’t until 2013, however, where the weapons could be small, yet powerful enough to be viable on a ship or plane. The first step will be to load these “super lasers” on United States destroyers and warships. Rear Admiral Ronald Boxall says that the master plan is to fire off a 150-kilowatt laser from a warship within a year from now. As a point of reference, that kind of power could take down a plane…or light over 2,000 light bulbs…take your pick.

After that, they’ll add one to a destroyer…and so on. The challenge is powering the things. Charging a 150-kilowatt laser consumes 450kw. That requires the development of a special energy source. The system that was developed can fire off 100 shots. The official price tag hasn’t been announced yet, but it would be helpful to get the “Star Wars” tech guys. Their shots were limitless, and never seemed to cost anything.

See their fancy schmancy HERE.

Source: Vocativ


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