Baby Already Has Hours Long Daily Beauty Regimen


When Amelia came into the world, she left more than her parents mystified. The British baby was born with a full head of hair. According to her mom Kayleigh March, the hair is continuing to grow "upwards and outwards" so now the newborn is on a strict beauty regimen to keep her mane under control. 

Each day, Amelia's mom oils, washes, brushes, and dries the baby's hair, which takes around two and a half hours all in all because the oil sits in Amelia's hair for two hours. The best part? The baby doesn't mind the attention. "She absolutely loves being pampered," Kayleigh explains. "Her little face when she's having her hair washed and blow dried is so cute."

While it's cute now, the mom of two knows this level of attention could be a problem in the future. "I dread to think what she'll be like when she's older," Kayleigh says. "She's only ten weeks old and she's already got a strict daily hair regime. She's going to be so high maintenance."

Source: Mirror


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