First Responders Celebrate Third Birthday With Boy They Saved

Luke McCabe was lucky to celebrate his third birthday with his very own heroes - the first responders who saved his life in December. The Pennsylvania toddler wore Newtown Square firefighter gear and enjoyed the festivities with the paramedics who responded to his parent’s 911 call for help.

Little Luke had just been released from the hospital for an undisclosed illness hours before when he went into cardiac arrest. His mom, Karen, says he flat-lined and was turning blue while his dad held him before help arrived.

Firefighters and police officers who arrived before the ambulance did CPR and found a pulse. First responder Matt Brinkman says it was the first time he saw CPR save a patient in his 20-year career. “There are so many of us that do this every day and it doesn’t work,” he explains. “And you are part of something that actually works, it makes you feel special.” And having these real-life heroes there to celebrate Luke’s birthday made it more special, too.

Source: Fox News

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