Rescue Dog Rescues Sleeping Owner From House Fire

Freddie Bonacci was fast asleep at his house near Omaha, Nebraska, while his house was on fire. As the fire spread from the patio to the attic and ceiling, he kept sleeping. But his dog Coco was finally able to wake him by jumping around and he got outside to safety.

Bonacci didn’t stir during the fire because he’s fighting cancer and recently had a stroke, so he’s taking medication to help him sleep. And his daughters credit his pet with saving his life. “We're really thankful we have Coco,” his daughter Melissa Bonacci says. “She is a life-saver.”

The firefighters were able to save some family heirlooms and of course the family’s grateful. But mostly they’re thankful Coco was there to help their dad survive. “It was really quite a miracle,” Melissa says. “I think we all see that it was.”

Source: KETV

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