Web-Connected Teddy Bear Has Security Breach

Who in the world would have thought that a web-connected teddy bear would need cyber security? A maker of “smart toys” has exposed the voice recordings of over 2-million kids and their families. In question, some of the Cloud Pets from Spiral Toys.


The security breach was discovered by security researcher, Troy Hunt, through a search on Shodan. Hunt’s found that this data was accessed several times through Shodan, and was, at times, held for ransom by cyber-creeps.

For the uninitiated, these toys can record and replay voice messages from users, and those recordings are stored through mReady, a Romanian company. Hunt alleges that they ignored at least three warnings about data vulnerability. Their data base supposedly didn’t have adequate specs for authentication, and that allowed Shodan users to search and index the files thoroughly.

Tickle Me Elmo doesn’t look quite so annoying now, does it?

Source: The Stack

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