High School Seniors Donate All Of Their Senior Class Trip Money To Their Principal Battling Cancer

The senior class of Profile Junior-Senior High School in Bethlehem, New Hampshire had worked very hard to raise money for an amazing senior trip to wrap up their school year. Collectively, they earned $8,000.  

But, after talking it over with each other, they decided there was a better way to spend that money.

The class decided to give the money to their principal, Courtney Vashaw, who was recently diagnosed with a rare cancer of the soft tissue.  

"She's just very caring, very selfless, and we wanted to be selfless, too," Ian Baker, a senior at the school said.

Vashaw had no idea her seniors were planning on surprising her.  They tricked her to coming by telling her it was for a senior meeting, she said.  Once she arrived, the entire senior class announced that they had unanimously voted to donate their money.

What an amazing group of kids.

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