PETA Goes After Pittsburgh Penguins

An animal rights group isn't too happy with the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The Penguins faced the Philadelphia Flyers on February 25th in the 2017 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series game at Heinz Field.  Penguins from the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium were brought out to play on the ice.  The organization People for the Ethical Treatment Animals sent a letter to the Pittsburgh Penguins demanding that the hockey team no longer uses live animals during its events.  PETA claimed the penguins were frightened by the large crowd and the fireworks that were going off.  The Pittsburgh Zoo responded to the criticism saying the penguins were temporarily startled, but then went back to playing on the ice.  The zoo says the penguins are used to being around large groups of people and loud noises. 



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