Bikini Model Who Scammed $2-Million Gets No Jail Time

As you might recall, Patricia Perez-Gonzalez is the hot, blonde bikini model that was arrested with her boyfriend for a two-year long scam that raked in $2-million in goods and services. Their crime? They stole the identities of senior citizens and opened credit cards in their names. In the end, they had 40 American Express Platinum cards going last year alone.

And when the gorgeous Patricia (who you can see HERE), and her accomplice/boyfriend Alberto Companioni, were subsequently busted, cops found the mother lode. We’re talking Rolex watches, fancy handbags, Apple gear, and proof of luxurious trips to Hawaii, California, and New York (why they kept it domestic with that kind of scam going is a mystery).

Patricia pled guilty to a charge of fourth-degree larceny. For that, she received jail and probation time totaling ZERO. None. Zilch. Nada. On top of that, the judge was quoted as saying, “I don’t anticipate that I, or any other judge, will be seeing you again.” Probably because she’s now going to college, and pulling straight-A’s…and…she’s very, very, very, very pretty.

By the way, the boyfriend pled guilty to grand larceny and theft. He gets sentenced later this year. For his sake, too bad he’s not as cute – or as built as she is. Of course, the boys in the pen won’t mind either way.

Source: Miami Herald

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