Kindergartners Bring “Keep A Baby Warm” Boxes To Needy Newborns

Kindergarten teacher Gretchen Hertler McInvale was inspired to help struggling new moms when she had her first child and saw a woman who also just gave birth but had nothing to bring her baby home from the hospital in. She started the Keep a Baby Warm project and now she’s teaching her students the power of giving by getting them involved.

McInvale’s class at Spencer Elementary School in Middletown, Connecticut collects items donated by students’ families, school staff, and community members and assemble boxes to deliver to Saint Francis Hospital for new moms and babies.

"It starts even with the littlest ones knowing that they can help someone else and they love it," McInvale says. "When it's snowing or rainy the first thing they think of is, 'A baby gets to go home warm today.' I just don't think character could wait to be taught until you're older. It needs to be taught in the youngest of ages - to be a good person and to give back."

Source: ABC News

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