Woman Becomes France’s First Weather Woman With Down Syndrome

Mélanie Ségard’s dream of being the first weather woman in France with Down syndrome is coming true. The 21-year-old is getting her chance after posting a video on her Facebook page Melanie can do it asking people to like the page and hoping to get the attention of her local news station.

In a video, she challenges French channels to let her go on TV to do the weather if she gets 100,000 likes. And it’s working! Her video has been seen over 3.1-million times so far and gotten over 146,000 likes. Mélanie is already set to appear on two French programs on March 27.

She writes, “I’m different, but I want to show everyone that I can do a lot of things" by presenting on TV. Mélanie also thanks her new friends and fans and explains that this has been a lifelong dream of hers. Congratulations and good luck!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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