Shop Owner Sends Help When Regular Customer Doesn’t Come

When Irene didn’t show up as usual to get her daily newspaper from the Lifestyle Express store in Grangetown, England, owner Ali Aktar got worried. He says the 87-year-old woman is always outside when he opens his shop in the morning, so he knew something must be wrong when she wasn’t there.

So Aktar sent someone to check on his regular customer, and he came back saying no one answered Irene’s door. Knowing the elderly woman lives alone, he sent someone to her back door to knock again, but still no answer. So that’s when he called the police and they broke down Irene’s door when she didn’t open it.

And thank goodness Aktar was concerned because Irene was on the floor and police say she had been there for about 11 hours after suffering a stroke. She’s still in the hospital recovering, and locals are calling him a hero for checking on her. Neighbor Debbie Tweddell says, “If it wasn’t for Ali, then who knows what would have happened.”

Source: Gazette Live

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