Report Reveals What Kids Think Of The Media

The news media seems to be under attack these days, and while adults rage back and forth about it, kids seem to have a different view of what’s going on. A new survey by Common Sense Media finds that the mews media is important to kids, although they don’t necessarily think they’re being covered correctly.

The poll finds that 48% of kids believe following the news important, while 70% say it makes them feel smart and knowledgeable, and 50% say it makes them feel prepared to make a difference. But when it comes to how they are represented in the news, the majority don’t have a positive opinion.

In fact, 74% of kids think the news needs to show more people their age, while 69% say the news media doesn’t correctly represent the experiences of people their age, and only 42% feel that the news covers issues they feel are important to them. What’s more, 63% of kids find news today disturbing, making them feel afraid, angry and/or depressed.

  • As for "fake news," only 44% of kids say they can spot a fake news story, while 31% of kids admit they've shared a news story in the last six months, which turned out to be inaccurate. For this reason, the news isn’t necessarily the most trusted source for kids. In fact, only 25% of kids put “a lot” of trust in the news, with more of them trusting other sources like their family (66%) and teachers (48%). 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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