World's Largest Teen Gets 3D-Printed Shoes For Huge Feet

Being almost eight feet tall, 19-year-old Broc Brown has been in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world’s tallest teenager. And his size has made it hard to find an affordable pair of shoes - he wears a size 28! But thanks to custom shoe company Feetz, he’s got a comfy new pair of kicks.

Feetz uses an app to convert a photo of someone’s feet into a 3D model and can create custom shoes using a 3D printer. Feetz CEO Lucy Beard says their shoes sell for between $99 and $250, which might sound like a lot until you compare that to typical custom-fit shoes that cost $400 minimum.

And the red and black shoes she personally delivered to Brown were a hit. "Whoa," he says. "Heck, I don't like them. I love them. Thank you." The Michigan teen even thinks these could help him set another record because he says “these definitely are the world’s largest 3D-printed shoes.”

Source: ABC News

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