He Never Calls After Their First Date In 1977. 33 Years Later...She Makes A Stunning Realization

Ahh, young love.  In 1977, Rick and Karen went out on a date.  They were both high school students at the time.  Karen thought they had a great night and hit it off, but Rick never called again.

Time went by and Rick and Karen ended up marrying other people.  They both had children and later both got divorced.  

In 2010, they reconnected on Facebook.  The second they saw one another, they realized what could have been.  Exactly 33 years after their first date, Rick finally asked Karen out a second time.  He also revealed the reason he never called her after their first date.

"I was shy, and then too much time went by."

He thought she'd be mad for never calling.  

It wasn't long after their second date that they fell deeply in love and got engaged.  After he proposed, they decided to go to New York to go wedding dress shopping.  Little did Karen know that Rick had been making a secret plan with the Rachael Ray Show...

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